Principles of classification of geological processes





Kobzar, Oleksandr

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In this paper, basic geological processes and factors affecting the formation and activation of geological processes are discussed. With consideration for the effects of these factors, the classification system for geological processes is proposed. In order to more objectively estimate geological processes according to this classification system, the classification schemes of exogenic and endogenic processes have been developed. These classification schemes may be used in the analysis of geological processes, in respect with the engineering measures for preparation and protection of urban areas with complex engineering and geological processes selection evaluation.


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geological process, exogenic process, endogenic process, cryogenic process, eolian process

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Kobzar О. Principles of classification of geological processes / О. Kobzar // Motrol commision of motorization and energetics in agriculture : an intern. j. on operation of farm and agri-food industry machinery / Polish Acad. of sciences, Univ. of eng. and econ. in Rzeszow ; editor-in-chief E. Krasowski;. - Lublin; Rzeszow : Lira-K, : 2016.- Vol. 18, No 10. - P. 101 - 108 - Bibliogr. : 26 titl.