Analysis of space planning and design decisions modern cottage





Klys, M.

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This article report analysis of the major space planning and design solutions to contemporary cottages. Also considered the land on which built or being built these cottages. Realized statistical processing of the results. Definitely, a line of research of technical parameters of the device bearing structures cottages. Inspected the 68 modern houses and land plots for them in Kiev and Kiev region. Based on these data the histogram parameters most significantly influence the choice of process parameters erection. The results of analysis are a set of body-planning and design parameters that significantly affect the technological solutions.


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cottage, parameters, technological solutions, mechanization, statistic, коттедж, параметры, технологические решения, механизация, статистика, кафедра організації та управління будівництвом

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Klys M. Analysis of space planning and design decisions modern cottage / M. Klys // Motrol : Commision of motorization and energetics in agriculture : an intern. journal of operation of farm and agri-food industry machinery / Polish Acad. of sciences, Univ. of eng. and econ. in Rzesżow ; ed.-in-chief E. Krasowski. – Lublin ; Rzeszów, 2014. - Vol. 16. - № 8. - P. 73 – 80. - Bibliogr. : 18 titl.