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    E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute activity in the field of underwater welding and cutting
    (КНУБА, 2017) Maksimov, Sergey
    Presents the results of E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute developments on creating electrode materials, equipment and technology for wet underwater welding and cutting. The R&D efforts in this area include investigation of the effect of cooling rate, hydrogen saturation, hydrostatic pressure and other factors upon process of welding and quality of resulting joints, studies of weldability of steels, development of special welding consumables, methods and procedures, elaboration of the basic principles of mechanisation of the wet welding and cutting processes. The experience of wet underwater welding and cutting application is evidence of possibility to apply the methods, at least, for restoration of wharfs, platforms, pipelines, ships and other underwater constructions. The electrodes and flux-cored wires can be used for: - welding the mild steels and low alloyed high strength steels up to 40 mm in thickness with tensile strength of up 600 MPa at the depths down to 30 m; - welding high-alloy corrosion-resistant steels ANSI 304L, 308L, 347 AND 321 type; - cutting of carbon and alloyed steels and non- ferrous alloys up to 40 mm in thickness at the depths down to 60 m.